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October 14,2021

It seems summer is a distant memory, as we’re now into fall.  The cold, damp, wet weather has mostly set in.  But, it’s all good; it keeps things green in our coniferous rainforest.  Although the deciduous trees are turning color and losing their leaves, they make a pretty sight too. 

Also, there have been some very nice cool, crisp, refreshing days.  They do one good.  This is what is so enjoyable about this time of year.  I love to get out for walks on these days and observe the surrounding nature.

Regarding my art, I have a canvas all set up and ready to start.  Most preliminaries have been done.  However, something is telling to think more on the composition I have in mind.  So, I have set to a few more thumbnail sketches and long thoughts about it. 

Keep creative.  Stay safe.

Posted by Debbra (Debbie) L. Halyk at 12:00
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January, 2022
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