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November 23,2020
Late November…

Here, the weather has been mostly rainy, but there have been some breaks throughout the days.  In addition, right now, new public health measures have been put into place here.  COVID is running rampant again and establishments are closing or remain closed. 

These measures have kind of kiboshed the move forward of my club’s virtual art show, as we need to have works photographed at a venue.   That part is stuck in limbo right now, although the show has still been keeping me busy working on safety plans, scripts, program and e-mails.  However, hopefully, we can get a venue arranged and things up and running before the end of the year. 

Other than that, I’ve also been going through my digital files and trying to file manage.  Tedious work to keep files names of photos consistent and to ensure all my art is recorded accurately.  This has also been eating up my time, of late.

Stay safe.  Keep creative. 

Posted by Debbra (Debbie) L. Halyk at 12:00
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