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September 01,2020
September, plus Exhibition!

It's September and I’ve haven’t written in a few weeks, as I’ve been enjoying our summer.  Since I wrote last, I did some more plein air days, but mostly did sketches and not paintings.  Also, I’ve been completing details in preparation for a show.   I’m excited to say I will be exhibiting at Place des Arts, Maillardville!   

My exhibit at Place des Arts will be from September 4 to October 21 and you can see it in the Lenore Peyton Salon.  I’m told, though, that it is best to obtain an appointment in advance, if you wish to view my work there.   As the room is sometimes used for other purposes this assures the room will be open, when you come by.   Also, because the people at Place de Arts are managing things due to COVID.  

Please do come by and see my work at Place des Arts beginning September 4.   I have twenty-one pieces in this exhibition and the theme is “My Pacific Northwest”.   In addition, information is available on the Place des Arts website.  Or, you can e-mail me, if you need anything further.

Stay safe.  Keep creative. 

Posted by Debbra (Debbie) L. Halyk at 12:00
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