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December 31,2020
All the best in the New Year!

Well, wishing you the spirit of the season and hope you had a good Christmas.   

As we all know, Christmas was different this year.  Mine was quiet, and in isolation which has been on and off since March.  Our isolation is likely to continue for some time.  In this period of isolation, and during the holiday season for now we miss our family or friends.  There are some we will miss forever, as sadly we will never see them again.   

So, let’s say goodbye to 2020.  Also, hopefully soon we can say goodbye and good riddance to that horrible little virus that has caused a huge lot of grief.  Yes, let’s try to think positive and ring in 2021!  It’s a new year, a new decade, the days are getting brighter and hope is on the horizon.  All the best in the New Year!

Thanks again to all the essential workers! 

Stay safe.  Keep creative. 

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December 21,2020
Winter Solstice

Well, it is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year and usually this time of the year we rejoice.  As it is a very different year for everyone, it’s seems hard to do that.   Although there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s been and is a long tunnel, eh?  However, a vaccine is here and coming to everyone soon....Hallelujah!

Also, after today, the days get longer going forward.   Therefore, even though were staying in our household bubble right now let’s be grateful, make merry and show patience.  Here’s hoping we can all do that.  So, Happy Winter Solstice!   Stay safe and keep creative. 

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December 17,2020

It’s very rainy here.  The wet weather has been constant and relentless.  There have been a few breaks, but they are few and far between. 

Also, public health measures because of COVID are continuing, and the numbers are going up and down here.  However, many places remain open for work or business and schools are still open.  This may be why we were able to arrange the venue for photographing artwork for my club’s Virtual Art Show last week.   Although there are some things left to do in the show, this work is done.  Thanks to the City of PoCo!

Therefore, this Virtual Art Show that I have been very involved with for the last few months and which I will have six pieces in, is moving forward again.  Still, there are some logistical things to put together and then everything is to be arranged digitally.  However, now we anticipate a launch early next year.  Hopefully, there won’t be any more delays.   I will let you know, when there is a firmer date.  

Stay safe.  Keep creative. 

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January, 2022
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