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June 11,2020

Well, it's almost mid-June and I haven’t written for a while, as I wasn’t sure where to start.  Much has happened in the world of late.  So, I’ve been keeping tuned to the news.  There are two big societal issues occurring at the same time, COVID-19 measures and protests against racism.  With COVID-19, things are starting to ease up here and society is starting to reopen slowly. 

With the stand against racism, I agree that some systemic shifts in society need to change.  I totally get what peaceful protestors have been doing and why they are getting out there.  However, my hopes are that the disease won’t spread like wildfire, as a result.   I do, though, sincerely wish that transformations will happen for the better.   That from now on changes will occur so that all peoples can be treated equally and with humanity.  

Furthermore, I think about the wonderful things that are being done globally, because of these issues.  Front-line workers are doing so much for all of us for COVID-19.   In addition, I see beautiful pieces of artwork being produced, along with those beautiful people who are making a stand for racial injustice.  My perspective of things right now in the face of fear and tragedy is that there are really great people doing really great things! 


Stay safe.  Keep creative.  

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