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Debbie Halyk Picture Phone Number: 604.461.8648
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Drawing and painting with pencil, pen and ink, pastel, watercolor and acrylic is my artistic expression. Progression of my creativity has come through natural elements, classes with local teachers, studying with mentors and instructors, and self-teaching. 

Inspiration allows me to compose works from my surroundings and moves me to create and develop my art through accumulative processes. Living on the West Coast and travels beyond motivates me to incorporate my affinity to nature, places and connections.   

Referencing life experiences and representing elements of my mind’s reflections affects my themes. Emanating work from an emotional perspective to bring the spectator into a “mood” with natural and timeless subjects is a desire. 

Gravitating to detail, yet feeling freed to assert fluid, expressive qualities and balancing color and light flows that intersect becomes a cornerstone. Choosing to depict complementary contrasts, harmonious value and clear, bold variations is a technique used. 

Assembling subject matter that impacts me is an initial step to assist in the emergence of line and form.   Then, my work becomes a meditation, in a manner, through ardent and cumulative markings to capture an essence of a moment. 


Art Focus Artists' Association 

Port Moody Art Association

Professional Organizations:

Federation of Canadian Artists

  • Central Library @ Coquitlam - coming Dec 7
  • Tri-Cities Kidney Dialysis @ Coquitlam - currently
  • Hyde Creek Salmon Festival @ Port Coquitlam Nov '18
  • Port Moody Art Association Show @ Port Moody - Fall '17-'18
  • Farmer's Market @ Port Coquitlam - Aug '18
  • Mike Farnworth Office @ Port Coquitlam - Aug/Sep '17 
  • Roam Gallery, Vancouver, BC (Four Group Shows) – Feb-Jul '17, Sep '18
  • Art Explosion, The Outlet & Gathering Place @ Port Coquitlam - May '17 
  • The Gathering Place @ Port Coquitlam, BC – Jan '17
  • Gallery Bistro @ Port Moody, BC – Feb-Mar 2017
  • Art Focus Show @ Port Coquitlam, BC – Fall '15-'18 & Spring '15-'17
  • City Hall, Mayor & MLA’s Offices @ Port Coquitlam, BC – Dec '15-Apr '16
  • Wiseman Studio of Art @ Coquitlam, BC – May-Oct '12
Contact Information:

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Debbie Halyk belongs to the following groups:
 Port Moody Art Association Port Moody - City of the Arts
 Art Focus Artists' Association Port Coquitlam
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